365 Days

of Rae

Visual Branding & Website Development
Awwwards Honors 2022
CSSDA Kudos 2022
This is a collection of 100 natural beauty portraits of a girl on a journey to self love. Inspired by my partner Rae. 365 DoR project is about learning to love and appreciate all of who you are, with what you’ve got. In a world that’s almost designed to bring you down, your surroundings and feelings towards yourself are your best tools to bring yourself back up again. I’ve watched Rae battle her own demons with self worth, but how could she not in her line of work.
Art Direction,
Visual Design

Too Skinny, Too Big, Too Dark

Each year builds pressure to chase the photoshopped mirage of ‘perfection’. People are being shown goals that aren’t attainable - there’s always emphasis on what you don’t have. This project isn’t a final destination or a happily ever after, it’s a raw process for a better tomorrow.

Creative Solution

It’s for people who want to explore who they are and see their world through new eyes. We can’t change everything but we can change ourselves and the way we look at things. We focus on helping people connect with their surroundings naturally - with people they love naturally - so they can start feeling better about themselves.
Eye for detail

Love what you see in yourself every day

Whole year contains a multitude of ups and downs, and life isn’t what you see advertised to you. The same companies that feed you impossible ideals, are the same companies telling you to love yourself. NFT photo collection range of mood and feel showcasing the couples entire global journey.
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