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Awwwards Honors 2022
CSSDA Kudos 2022
Daniel Ocean (aka BLVCK CEILING) — known in his native Spokane, Washington as an author, producer and performer. Intriguing for its presentation, both musical and visual. An admirer of dark occult aesthetics and viscous viscous patterns.
Art Direction,
Visual Design

Music is a Movement

We decided to implement a website concept that will tell about this music producer, as well as tell about the musical style promoted by this artist. In this concept, we have implemented a visual language that conveys gloom, occultness, but at the same time evokes positive emotions and intrigues the viewer. Immerse yourself in the creativity of BLVCK CEILING with us.

Creative Solution

These spheres in his work are harmoniously combined and complement each other. During the day he works like all normal people, and in the evening he makes a track. This is his therapy. Dan rarely speaks: it doesn't really matter to him. He leads a simple life and doesn’t burden himself with worries about what he doesn’t have.
Eye for detail

It Doesn't Matter Where You Play

A distinctive feature of his work is a kind of processing of well-known compositions to all of us. Often he processes them in such a way that it is difficult to guess at all what kind of track formed the basis.
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