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Visual Branding & Website Development
Awwwards Honors 2022
CSSDA Kudos 2022
Lazy CryptoCats is a collection of 3,500 uniquely rendered digital collectible NFTs that lazily live on the Ethereum blockchain. They come from all walks of life. Some are visionary's and entrepreneurial cats who use their daytime to connect with people and grow. While others simply go about their daily lives and work regular 9–5 jobs. Some of live out in the deep-meta and farm for days for our feline families.
Art Direction,
Visual Design

Stay Lazy Get Busy

Lazy cats create the style of the website themselves. We were absolutely delighted with these illustrations. And they supplemented them with a bright contrasting color in addition to 3D and animation.

Creative Solution

Each page puts Lazy Cats in charge of the NFT. Whether it's a contact page or a store. You can't help but see this excellent collection, because you just want to look at it.
Eye for detail

More than Just Art

Lazy cats are not just pictures. This is history. History of the artist and his hobbies. His fears and at the same time goals in life. Just immerse yourself in a unique experience and you will understand everything yourself.
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